Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

October is our favourite month of the year, and we've got some great stuff coming out this month to help make yours fun and scary as well.

This week, look for the second installment in our free serialization of The Banditti of the Forest, or, The Mysterious Dagger (1811-12), as well as links to order our new offerings: our Halloween special, George Soane's The Stranger Knight & The Bond of Blood (1812-14; 1815), and Ernest G. Henham's Tenebrae.  Both will be offered in paperback or Kindle.

We have the bound proof of The Mysteries of London and are poring over it to see if we missed any errors; it should be available by mid-October. We're planning to offer it in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle.  Also, Terrifying Transformations, our anthology of Victorian werewolf fiction, will be headed to the printer this week and will be available for order by Halloween.

We have tons more exciting stuff on the way, so stay tuned and enjoy this wonderful Halloween season!

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