Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This is our favorite time of the year, and probably the favorite of many of you as well. We hope you're enjoying our numerous Halloween-season releases, which include the ultra rare (only one known surviving copy) Gothic novel The Vaults of Lepanto (1814), as well as three titles from the Golden Age of storytelling: Henry Chapman Mercer's M.R. James-style antiquarian weird tales, November Night Tales (1928), E. Temple Thurston's occult mystery Man in a Black Hat (1930), and that legendary work of supernatural horror Fingers of Fear (1937) by J.U. Nicolson. 

For those interested in more modern fare, you won't want to miss our two-volume set of David Case's tales, which total 530 pages and include new introductions by Stephen Jones and new afterwords by Kim Newman. These stories are absolutely fantastic: strikingly original and written in a highly literate style that will have you reaching for your dictionary. If you can't get enough David Case, we'll also be publishing his werewolf potboiler Wolf Tracks (1980) as an e-book later this month. Finally, fans of our gay-interest titles can also get into the Halloween spirit with Foreign Affairs (1973) by Hugh Fleetwood, whom one critic called 'the master of modern horror'. Though I'd characterize it more as a thriller than a horror novel, it certainly does have its nasty, horrific elements and might be classed as a horror novel in the same vein as Stephen King's Misery.

It's been brought to our attention that we haven't been updating this blog much. We don't get much interaction from readers on the blog, and only a couple people have signed up as 'followers', so we've been focusing our efforts in other areas: our once-monthly email newsletter, which is the best way to keep up with what we're publishing, our Goodreads page (add us as a 'friend' and join our group!), and our Facebook, Twitter, Booklikes, and other social media pages. We'll try to blog more in the near future, but in the meantime, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and find us on the above-mentioned social media websites.

And Happy Halloween!