Sunday, January 20, 2013

A quick update

A quick update -- we have been extremely busy in January, having sent five books to the printers so far, with no end in sight!

Richard Marsh's The Complete Adventures of Sam Briggs (1904-15) is now available, and four more will be available shortly: Francis Lathom's The One Pound Note and Other Tales (1820), Claude Houghton's I Am Jonathan Scrivener (1930) and This Was Ivor Trent (1935) and Oliver Onions's The Hand of Kornelius Voyt (1939).

Headed to press very shortly will be Thomas Blackburn's The Feast of the Wolf (1971), Ronald Fraser's Flower Phantoms (1926), and James Malcolm Rymer's The Black Monk (1845).

Our 20th century list continues to grow and we are releasing the books as fast as we are able.  We are extraordinarily pleased to have added two titles by Colin Wilson: his first novel, Ritual in the Dark (1960) and The Philosopher's Stone (1969), both of which we were shocked to find were out of print.  We also discovered, somewhat by accident, the fine novels of Kenneth Martin, Aubade (1957), written when he was 16, and which was controversial on its release for its depiction of same-sex love between two young men, and Waiting for the Sky to Fall (1959). Both will feature introductions by the author.

We are planning to issue new releases at a feverish pace throughout 2013, so make sure to follow us not only here but on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all the newest developments.