Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 10 for 2013

Everyone likes lists, so how about a list of our top 10 best-selling titles for 2013?  The numbers are just in, and there may be a few surprises here.  Keep in mind, the list is necessarily skewed towards books published earlier in the year, which had a longer period in which to generate sales.

1.  Benighted - J. B. Priestley

2. Carmilla - J. S. Le Fanu (orig. released 2009)

3. The Witch and the Priest - Hilda Lewis

4. Nightshade and Damnations - Gerald Kersh

5. The Birds - Frank Baker

6. The Philosopher's Stone - Colin Wilson

7. The Hand of Kornelius Voyt - Oliver Onions

8. The Hunger and Other Stories - Charles Beaumont

9. Fowlers End - Gerald Kersh

10. The Great White Space - Basil Copper