Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone has a merry, scary Halloween!  

A word or two on what we're working on at the moment: Although we continue to love fiction of the Romantic and Victorian periods and will keep on releasing our editions of lost Gothic, penny dreadful, and sensation fiction of long ago, we're presently working hard to build up our 20th century list as well.

Two new 20th century titles, John Trevena's Sleeping Waters (1913) and Stephen Gilbert's The Burnaby Experiments (1952) will be published very shortly.  We are in negotiations with the estates of numerous 20th century authors, some whose names you've never heard and some you will certainly recognize, to bring into print a number of lost classics.  We hope to be able to announce some of these soon, although for the moment we can disclose that we'll be bringing out in the U.S. new editions of Francis King's Never Again (1947) and The Dark Glasses (1954), two of King's own favorites from among his novels, and which he and I discussed reissuing while we were working on our 2008 edition of his An Air that Kills.  Expect to see both of these in 2013.  We've also secured permission to reissue Hugh Walpole's posthumous 'macabre' novel, The Killer and the Slain (1942).  Walpole, a distant cousin of Horace Walpole, was a hugely popular and prolific novelist whose reputation has declined immeasurably since his death in 1941.  He wrote many different types of novels, but particularly enjoyed what he called 'macabre' novels, like The Killer and the Slain, which was dedicated to Henry James and inspired in part by his The Turn of the Screw.

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