Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Valancourt Books Sale!

[UPDATE (5:30 PM 4/10/13): We're deleting books as people order them, so if it's still listed, it *should* still be available.]

I regret that these offers are only available to U.S. customers because of shocking recent increases in overseas mailing costs.  Uncorrected proof copies are in like-new condition but may contain a small number of typographical errors corrected for the final book, or may have variations in cover art.  Shipping is a flat $5 per order, regardless of how many books you order.

Overstock copies (1 of each unless otherwise noted, first come, first served):
G.W.M. Reynolds, The Mysteries of London ($20, reg. $30)
Charlotte Smith, The Story of Henrietta ($10, reg. $18)
Halloween Specials: James Jenkins the Miser ($5, reg. $10) & The Stranger Knight ($5; reg. $10)

"Scratch & Dent"
We have four copies of Stephen Gilbert's The Burnaby Experiments in new condition, missing their title page ($5 each)

Advance proof copies ($10 each; 1 of each; first come, first served):
Kenneth Martin, Aubade
Kenneth Martin, Waiting for the Sky to Fall
Gerald Kersh, Nightshade and Damnations
Richard Marsh, The Complete Adventures of Sam Briggs

Message on Facebook or Twitter (@Valancourt_B) or contact us through the website form or via email to reserve any books you are interested in.  Thank you!

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