Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back for more!

We're excited to announce that some of your favorite Valancourt authors will be returning with new editions in 2014-15!

Gerald Kersh

Gerald Kersh was the only Valancourt author to have two books in our list of the top 10 best-selling titles from 2013 (Nightshade and Damnations and Fowlers End), so we're thrilled to be publishing four more Kersh titles!

Neither Man Nor Dog (1946) 

A rare volume of short stories by a master of the genre.  "Mr Kersh’s new volume contains thirty-seven stories of the kind the author made made so distinctly his own; the short piece, explosive with violence . . . The best of them are very good. The unfailing fertility of his imagination is indeed to be wondered at, and so, too, his unwinking eye for the hard, the horrible, the grotesque. . . . For entertainment of a strong kind Mr Kersh would be hard to beat." -- Times Literary Supplement.

Clock Without Hands (1949)

A collection of three long short stories (or short novellas). "Mr Kersh tells a story; as such, rather better than anybody else." -- Pamela Hansford Johnson, Daily Telegraph

The Great Wash (1953) (US title: The Secret Masters)

"Gerald Kersh is a literary spieler of abundant energy, who sees the world as a vast circus cramful of entertaining oddities, glittering sideshows, burlesques of blood and sawdust . . . Mr Kersh’s many admirers will undoubtedly devour this highly flavoured hotch-potch with avidity." -- Julian Maclaren-Ross, Sunday Times

On an Odd Note (1958) 

Published only as a paperback original in the United States and never published in Great Britain, this collection features some of Kersh's best, including "The Brighton Monster", "The Queen of Pig Island", and "The Extraordinarily Horrible Dummy", along with some lesser-known stories and one written specially for this collection.  This new edition will feature an introduction by Nick Mamatas.

Basil Copper

Basil Copper's Lovecraftian horror novel The Great White Space and his Victorian-style Sherlock Holmes pastiche Necropolis were both extremely popular with our readers last year, so we're thrilled to be offering a new Copper title:

The House of the Wolf (1983)

Copper's classic werewolf novel, originally published as a limited edition by Arkham House and reprinted as a limited hardcover by Sarob Press in the UK, finally gets its first edition in paperback and e-book formats.  We're excited about this one!

R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Even though it wasn't published until Halloween, R. Chetwynd-Hayes's brilliant cult classic The Monster Club (1976) was still our 13th bestselling title for 2013.  So we're pleased to be offering another volume of Chetwynd-Hayes's stories which we hope you'll also enjoy:

Looking for Something to Suck and other Vampire Stories (1997)

Edited by Stephen Jones, this collection of the complete vampire-themed stories by R. Chetwynd Hayes, originally published in various collections between 1971 and 1997, appeared as a limited hardcover in 1997 but makes its first paperback and e-book appearance with Valancourt Books, featuring an afterword by Stephen Jones and the original illustrations by Jim Pitts.  This nearly 300 page collection includes 15 of the author's best, in which he blends horror and dark humour in his own unique way.

Claude Houghton

Claude Houghton's bestseller I Am Jonathan Scrivener (1930) was one of our most popular releases in 2013 and one of my personal favorites among all the books we've ever published. So we're particularly delighted to be republishing his very scarce first novel, Neighbours (1926), with a new introduction by Mark Valentine and featuring a new cover by M.S. Corley.  Houghton's novel centers on a young writer living in the attic of a lodging house, who becomes progressively more obsessed with a new neighbour, whose every word he hears through the thin partition separating the rooms, and whose obsession leads to a shocking climax.

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