Friday, September 6, 2013

September preview

September is shaping up to be a really exciting month for new releases.  Here's what you can expect from Valancourt this month:
  • A deluxe, illustrated hardcover edition of perhaps the greatest horror classic of all time, The Monk, with an introduction by the great modern master of horror, Stephen King.
  • A rediscovered Gothic text from 1800 by an unjustly forgotten author, in a hardcover collector's edition.
  • A scholarly hardcover edition of a rare gay Victorian text so scarce that it survives in only one known copy, at the British Library.
  • Our seventh reissue from John Blackburn, and it's one of our favourites to date.
  • More rediscovered 20th century authors: Andrew Sinclair and Sir Charles Birkin.
  • A never before reprinted masterpiece from Forrest Reid.
I don't even know how it could get any more exciting than that, unless we were issuing our first Booker Prize-winning novel . . . oh, wait -- we're doing that too.  And if you think all of that sounds exciting, just wait till you see some of what we're planning for 2014....

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