Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Currently, all of our 20th century releases for which we have e-book rights are available on Amazon Kindle, but we're working hard to expand choices for our customers.  We are in the process of making all the 20th century offerings available for Barnes & Noble's Nook and in the Kobo Store.  We've published seven of our newest and most popular offerings for Kobo:

Colin Wilson, The Philosopher's Stone
Hilda Lewis, The Witch and the Priest
J. B. Priestley, Benighted
Michael Arlen, Hell! said the Duchess
Michael McDowell, The Amulet
Keith Waterhouse, There is a Happy Land
Basil Copper, The Great White Space

So far, the Wilson, Priestley, and Lewis titles have also been published for the Nook.  We'll be continuing to add titles throughout the week.  

Are there any e-book sites other than Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo where you would like to see our books?  We do not presently offer them through the Apple Store, though they can be viewed on Apple devices using the Kindle app.  Please let us know if there are other places you'd like to see our e-books offered.  Also, although we've been a publisher of print books for many years now, we are still fairly new to e-books.  If you have any suggestions of how to improve our e-books in terms of formatting, features, etc., always feel free to let us know!


  1. Are you going to publish old books on Kobo sometime? I'm interested in The Mysteries of London in particular.

  2. Thanks for your message! We are in the process of putting everything on Kobo. I'll try to get that one up in the next few days.