Saturday, February 8, 2020

Spring Cleaning Sale!

All right, so it's only February, but in this age of global warming, the cherry trees are already in bloom here in Richmond, so we're just going to call this a Spring Cleaning Sale!

We have a handful of overstock titles that we need to clear out. These are new, unread copies. All paperbacks are $10 each (regularly $15-$18 each).  We also have some scratch & dent copies and some ugly copies at bargain prices (see below).  Shipping is $3 for one book, a flat $4 2+ books.U.S. only for this sale, owing to high overseas shipping costs.

If you are interested in any of these, send us an email at including your shipping address and which titles you want, and we will respond with a Paypal invoice. We'll update the list as books are claimed.

***Response was overwhelming, and only a limited number of books, all Paperbacks from Hell titles, remain -- thank you for your interest!***

OVERSTOCK PAPERBACKS ($10 each, new, mint condition)

SCRATCH AND DENT & UGLY PAPERBACKS ($7 each, over 50% off list price)
* Scratch and dent paperbacks are new, unread books that received slight cosmetic damage in shipping, such as a cover crease, bent corner, or slightly crushed spine. They are perfectly readable copies at a huge discount. 

*Ugly paperbacks are new, unread copies with binding imperfections, such as the cover being printed slightly off-center, or with a small amount of dried binding glue on the spine. They are perfectly readable copies, but ugly enough that we can't sell them at full price.

Orders will be first-come, first-served, and you will receive the best copy available at the time of order.


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